"changing for a good isn't a crime, though it'll cost you blood and tears for a start." - Hlovate.

Thursday, 3 August 2017

a twenty-one-year-old writes.

hi world.

and for sure, hi blogger's world. It has been awhile and I'm back.

well, last time I wrote I was still twenty but just look on how time flies, I'm now twenty-one. This petite young lady has finally grown up. (sambil terkenang zaman mula-mula berblogging)

How's life? Life is good, so far. Everything has totally changed. Yes, a lot. Too much. Well that's life. People come and go. But those memories, remain.

So, it took me a few months to finally write here again after such a long time I left. Before I write here, I firstly re-read my old entries (which is only four entries because I've deleted the rest) and I have no idea how could I wrote like that, I mean how can an Aisyah Assyura can write those entries? so it proved that I was good in writing back then until I entered IPG haha :')

How's life in IPG as a future teacher? Alhamdulillah everything's fine. Being a teacher trainee is tough though, but I know I am always the tougher, and the toughest one :)

Okay. Right at this moment the writer's block syndrome has come so bye bye. till then, see ya. 

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