"changing for a good isn't a crime, though it'll cost you blood and tears for a start." - Hlovate.

Wednesday, 17 August 2016

The Irony

The irony....

when someone once said, "one fine day, I want to be a doctor" but now is studying in education field and soon will become an educator. 

when someone wanted to become a blogger as she was on blog since she was in high school but now is only able to update on Instagram, Twitter and etc. 

when someone promised her partner to stay until the next step as far as they could reach but finally decided to leave.

when someone proudly said "I don't take coffee" but now is struggling to control her caffeine-addicted habit.

when someone determined to not further in Arabic language but now is a future Arabic teacher.

That is what we called 'The Irony'. We can only plan but at the end of the day, not everything will be packed as we expected.

because it's Allah. Allah plans, too. Surely Allah's plans are way better than ours.

After all this time, everything that happened to me and around me teaches me that life is not as smooth as we wish, as not everything we wish is the best decision in our lives.

so it's Allah. Allah gives us the best in our lives.  so, have faith. 

yet people tend to say, 

"jangan minta Allah tunaikan apa yang kita inginkan sebab apa yang kita inginkan, belum tentu terbaik untuk kita. Tapi mintalah Allah berikan yang terbaik dalam hidup kita, sebab semua yang Allah beri, adalah yang terbaik"

Allah will always give the best for us, either it is good or bad. Because everything happens for reasons. 

Have faith in Allah.

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